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Cheap True Religion Jeans Canada cooperation with unifem

Support to political parties and women for 2007 national elections in timor News true religion brand jeans: company profile from the field, 3 august 2007 The united nations integrated mission in timor-Leste(Unmit)Supports the government in"Consolidating stability, enhancing a culture of democratic governance, and facilitating political dialogue among timorese stakeholders, in their efforts to bring about a process of national reconciliation and to foster social cohesion" (Security council resolution 1704 of 25 august 2006).The democracy fund assists unmit efforts through the undp programme"Support to the timorese election cycle"Which, in Cheap True Religion Jeans Canada cooperation with unifem, aims at enhancing the participation of women in the 2007 and future elections. The 2007 presidential and legislative elections have been the first national post-Independence elections organized by the timorese national state institutions.Unifem works in this project particularly with women's wings of political parties in order to ensure greater influence in the inclusion of women candidates in the political party lists and gender responsive electoral programmes.Among the early outcomes of the project are the resource centers in timor-Leste which have supported the candidates for the presidential elections by printing a variety of electoral materials such as the classic posters, flyers and leaflets, booklets, calendar cards and banners, but also t-Shirts and stickers, less familiar in the country.Additionally successful media workshops were held to train the media on the electoral procedures and codes of conduct. The project brings together more than 20 national and international development partners, among others the european commission, the us, japan, australia, sweden and domestic counterparts such as the secreteriado t¨Ścnico de administração eleitoral(Stae), the Ministry of State Administration and the National Electoral Commission to strengthen the institutional capacity of political parties, in order to guarantee their compliance with the principles of pluralism, tolerance and transparency, with a special focus on equal opportunities for women and men as voters and candidates.

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