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Wedding Guest Dresses the essential tiered effect

A new wedding tradition With only 10% of brides' parents now paying for the wedding(According to a recent poll by icm for john lewis), young couples are now taking charge of their big day and that means some radical changes are afoot. One that we approve of at the fine cheese co. That makes them a perfect solution for both the cakecutting ceremony and providing a partner for wine at the evening party, which so often follows the more formal sitdown lunch. With couples increasingly choosing their wedding details together, a cheese wedding cake needs to please both bride and groom equally. The groom(Being male)Usually loves cheese and takes a huge and positive interest in selecting the cheeses in the cake. In fact, we have often heard grooms say that it is the part of the wedding that they are looking forward to the most. The bride usually wants the cake to look good, and the wonderful thing about cheese is that it really does especially when it is stacked in tiers using supports and decorated with the wedding flowers or fruits in season. In fact it has as much 'wow' factor as any iced version and it makes the cakecutting ceremony a memorable photo opportunity. Importantly, cheese wedding cakes represent excellent value for money in comparison with a more conventional cake(Around per head) The fine cheese co.Cheese wedding cakes start at to feed 40 people, rising to to feed 200+ guests. This means cakes made from tiered cheese are also an ideal choice for family celebrations like christenings and important anniversaries, when a sense of occasion Wedding Dresses view more is required together with the need to provide something delicious to eat for a large group. We have over 10 years' experience of creating cheese wedding cakes from our very first cake in 2002, when one of our sales team decided that she need a cake more suited to the wedding of a cheesemongeress. (Whether it was the first 'cheese wedding cake, ' we really don't know, but certainly it was one of the first. ) Each cake has been carefully created to be balanced in terms of cheese varieties, and to stack, so it creates Wedding Guest Dresses the essential tiered effect. We work with the customer to match the cakes to their cheese taste and also the size of their wedding, offering personal and telephone advice from our cheese cake spe******t, flo neame. As you might expect, britain's favourite cheeses stilton and brie popular choices for the wedding cakes, so we have found a secret way of having a base of brie without the brie collapsing under the weight of the tiers above. We also provide vegetarian cheese wedding cakes, allbritish cheese wedding cakes, as well as source the more unusual cheeses for a very unique cake. To make sure that those customers who can't pilgrimage to the fine cheese co shop in bath still get the opportunity to taste their cake before the big day, we have come up with our own tasting boxes. We have taken our six most popular cakes and are offering a sample box which allows the customer to try each layer of the cake of their choice. The tasting box contains around 700gms of cheese so it is enough to invite the inlaws, or the bridesmaids to sample with a glass of wine, or for the bride and groom to have a romantic supper for two.

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